Omer Hadžiselimoviæ    December 19, 2009  

I have been taking classical-guitar lesson with Dan Larson since early February, 2008. As I had played the guitar on and off before, mostly on my own, there was much to learn and, also, to unlearn in my playing. Under Dan’s guidance, my technique has much improved and my confidence as player has increased. Dan is an excellent teacher, patient, methodical, and systematic, fully capable of both showing and explaining the many difficulties I have encountered so far.

Alex Lee    August 12, 2015  

Dan has been fantastic the past year being patient with me as I have no music talent but wanted to learn how to play guitar for years and could not learn on own. Dan teaches you the songs that inspire you so it makes practice that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend the Sound Academy and guitar lessons with Dan.